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Anonymous sent: Congrats on your pregnancy! I know you'll be a wonderful mother. I would suggest not to over-think it too much. Take prenatal vitamins, keep regular checkups with your doctor and try to remain as stress free as possible. Your boyfriend seems like a super sweet guy, so I'm sure that he will do his best to help keep you stress free. I truly wish you all the best!!! And again, congrats!! :) <3

I won’t be seeing a doctor for another couple weeks, so that’s my only concern. I’ve been doing my best on my prenatal and thyroid medicine, but I haven’t missed a day in weeks yet. I am SUPER lucky that my boyfriends helping me with my stress. He’s amazing and I’m lucky it’s him who I’m raising my child with! Thank you for the kind words, I really do appreciate them. :)

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Anonymous sent: Your symptoms seem normal. Every woman deals with pregnancy differently. :)

Which is true. It’s probably me just being a worrisome first time mom. Only time will tell. :)

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stressing over my pregnancy lately.
My symptoms went from a bit of nausea with no vomiting, bloating, peeing all the time and tender boobs to like nothing.

Maybe it’s just me overthinking?

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